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06 /01/2008

About me

If someone asked me: - Who are you? What do you do in your lifetime? - I would answer - I'm a dreamer. I dream. - Until now I've not answered in that way and maybe I'll cannot, but... sometimes we can have a crazy courage to change the world in a new, entusiasthic thing. Who can dream he/she can push away the veil of reality to see beyond, towards an enchanted world, where all is possible, where there are our dreams and where they become reality.

A way to turn our dreams into reality is to turn them into real objects. In this way can born the love and the need to write and create objects and characters that everyone can read, see and touch. For years I've tryed to stay with the feet on the ground and I've banished dreams at the nightime, but now I understand that we cannot close dreams in our heart of hearts otherwise they fade away and us with them. Let give strenght to your dreams, don't let they die or wring them from your heart. Let them turn into reality and you can see that you'll be happier ;o)




Mairi (Roberta Verrecchia) 2005 - Best view 800x600