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1/12 scale

You will need:
- Yellow box for pre-cooked food
- Red gel glass paint
- Flock or dried origan
- Water-based acrylic varnish
- Mini tray

- Puncher (round holes)
- Wooden skewer
- Paint brush
- Glue
- Bi-adhesive tape


Make some circles from the yellow box with the puncher.


Put some bi-adhesive on the table and then put the yellow circles on the tape. Put a bit of red gel glass paint on each circle with the skewer and quickly put a small amount of origan on the gel. Let them dry.



Glue the circles on the tray and let them dry.


If you want you make also marmelade biscuits with the same project but you have to put the water-based acrylic varnish instead of origan.


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Mairi (Roberta Verrecchia) 2005 - Best view 800x600