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06 /01/2008


Cake stand

1/12 scale

You will need:
- Plastic boxes
- Cardboard
- White and coloured acrylic varnish
- Primer

- Water-based acrylic varnish

- Scissors
- Pencil
- Paint brush
- Acrylic glue
- Newspaper sheets

Wash the plastic boxes with a detergent. Open the newspaper in a well-ventilated area or outdoor, put the boxes on the newspaper and spray the primer on them.
Let them dry.
Cut two small rectangles rounded on one end. Glue the rectangles on the shorter sides of the boxes, like in the picture. Paint with the white acrylic varnish and let them dry.
Paint flowers and leaves with a fine paint brush and let dry. Paint with the water-bsed acrylic varnish and let them dry.

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Mairi (Roberta Verrecchia) 2005 - Best view 800x600